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Frosen Meat Distributors, Inc. is a privately owned wholesale meat supplier company located in Santos, port city, São Paulo estado, Brazil.  Since 2014, frozen Meat suppliers has taken pride in providing only the highest quality of protein products.

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Our company has a well-deserved reputation for quality customer service and competitive pricing. Our goal is to serve businesses committed to improving the customer experience through convenience, accuracy of orders, and timely delivery.

From poultry, we get a wide range of meat and egg-related products, which are very important for our health and well being. The meat of chicken, duck, etc., is a great source of protein, which helps in building and repairing muscles. Maintaining the health of our skin, blood, hair, and bones. Unlike the chicken, the egg is a cheaper source of protein, in India, its price is around INR 5 per piece. Besides, it also contains vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. To know more about how to be Meat & Poultry products’ distributors, click on Post Inquiry.

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Our chicken lamb Raised with 100 % vegetarian feed from fresh corn and soya beans, no added preservatives. Our all-natural chicken is juicy and tender, Perfect for grilling and roasting. With farm-raised meat of the highest quality, we keep it real in everything we do. Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, No added preservatives Perfect for grilling and roasting which makes it the first choice for all family members

the company meat brand offers you the best quality grade A frozen and fresh meat products, all are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements with a wide range of choice and packaging of the frozen and fresh meat products which is suitable for meat companies and wholesalers of meat products and distributors and meat manufacturing companies and chicken retail companies also suitable for chicken export companies and meat import companies for international market

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